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Id Millenium Silicon Based Lube

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ID Millennium is one of the best lubes available on the market and I've tried a whole bunch of them. Some of ID Lubricant's products are OK (like the Glide water based lube...but it tends to get sticky after awhile) and others are bad (the strawberry stuff is sticky and not recommended) but Millenium is top notch. But don't just take my word for it, get a free sample from their website: http://www.idlube.com/surveys/survey.php

Now Millenium is a silicon based lube, which means it works well both with and without condoms...some lubes are good for just one or the other. But the thing I love about this stuff is the longevity. It lasts and lasts! If you put a generous amount on, it'll last the whole time without requiring reapplication. Well, if you pull out and wait awhile, you'll need to put more on, but as long as it stays covered, it'll keep right on working and providing tons of lubrication. And let's face it, there's other things that are way more fun to focus on than, "Do I need to reach for the lube bottle again?"

I always buy the large, 16 OZ bottle of the stuff...for two reasons:

a) it comes with a really good pump that you can easily pump one squirt of lube out quickly and easily without fiddling with a cap or lid.

b) they don't sell it in larger sizes.

I have noticed a wide range in prices between stores for how much this stuff costs. A good price for the large bottle is about $50 but I've seen it for $80-$90. I've also seen smaller bottles sold for $45 and I've noticed that the smallest bottles are sometimes the best price (they cost less per ml than the larger bottles) so keep an eye out that!

This stuff has never caused any allergic or unpleasant reactions with any partner's genitals...which is not something I can say for every lube. It works incredibly well with condoms (remember to add some lube BEFORE putting the condom on for a much more intense experience) and is very very slippy (more so than most) and just plain good. But the best feature, by far, is how long it lasts.

Oh, it tastes OK, not great but not terrible either. It doesn't have a lot of flavour, not strawberry or anything, but I don't like the way the lube stays in my mouth and seems to coat my mouth...so it's passable for oral sex but it definitely doesn't add to the experience. If you want the best lube for oral it is definitely O'My...and it's far healthier to ingest too (it's hemp oil with grapeseed).

The Millenium lube lasts for a long time and never gets crusty or develops any kind of smell or other issues, even when I had a large bottle for about a year (when I went through a dry spell). Honesly, my only issue with this stuff is the price. It's more expensive than a bunch of lubes, but it's SO much better, that I think it's easily worth the price --it makes for a much better experience and after it's applied once, you don't have to think about using lube again or worry about chaffing from dry spots...the lube, even when it dries a bit, still maintains some kind of slippery nature that will work just fine without reapplication. If dried, mixing it with natural lube works perfectly and it regains it's original slippy form. It's also works well with toys and for anal sex too. And the best way I can describe the way its feels is 'smooth & silky" --it just plain feels good.