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Ideal Card For Windows 7

Reviewing: Evga Ge Force 9400 Gt  |  Rating:
pubillones By pubillones on
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The EVGA GeForce 9400GT can be summarized in one word; Performance. The Windows Experience Index increased from 3.5 to 4.9, mostly because the old card had only 128 MB of memory while this one has 1 GB. Several things worth mentioning, especially for Windows 7 users that are considering this card.

First, the GeForce 9400GT is fully compatible with Win-7. But for installation, do not follow the steps on the instruction booklet. The installation disk has drivers for XP and Vista only. Just plug your new card in the PCI-2-E slot (following the precautions for unnecessary static and proper grounding) and fire the computer. The display will be opaque with large icons and when the system asks you to search for a new driver, click on YES (unlike the instruction manual says). The card self installs but the system will need a reboot. Don't waste time downloading what some "sites" claim to be a Windows 7 driver, I downloaded two of those and they are the same as the one in the OS disk.

Second, something unexpected but very useful. This card is cooled by an auxiliary fan. On the usual cards (with no fan) heat is dissipated upwards by the plates. In the case of the XPS 410 this causes unnecessary heating of the TV card which can only be located above the video card. EVGA has come with the clever solution of working the fan downwards so air is forced from the space between this video card and the above one, down the EVGA cooling the "coopered columns" in the periphery of the green rectangle and dissipating heat trough all four sides of the card.

Third, the card comes with two DVI to VGA adapters (has two DVI outputs but no VGA) plus and HDTV and a S-Video cable. This is quite convenient especially when you get your card by mail and find that you don't have the DVI cable. I am using the VGA adapter and old VGA cable for purposes of proper comparison. In my case I did not needed any external power supply since it was installed in the proper PCI-2-E slot. Thus, for the price paid; less than $60.00 on the web, the EVGA GeForce 9400GT is probably the best value for your buck, especially for those transitioning to Windows 7.