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If I'm Going To Burn It Best Be In Hawaii!

Reviewing: Hawaiian Tropic 50+ Sheer Touch Sunscreen  |  Rating:
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Its summer, and if you are anything like me - ie; Scottish, fair-skinned and prone to burning like a lobster upon merely looking at the sun (slight hyperbole, but we won't pick hairs), you may just have considered the possibility of purchasing a sunscreen. What a novel idea, I thought after my sixth consecutive burn... sunscreen, who'd have thunk....?

Don't get me wrong, I always have sunscreen in my home as I am overly cautious about my son who fortunately, has inherited my fair skin but my husbands Italian gene of bronzing without burn! My problem is that I never remember to apply it onto myself!

I came across Hawaiian Tropic 50+ Sheer Touch Sunscreen at King Soopers while looking for something that would eradicate any possibility of my being burned and possibly assist me in tanning (accidentally of course as I don't sit in the sun, although I do bike ride and walk). 50+ sounded like just the thing.. somewhat akin to wearing a full coat of armor I imagined :-)

To the product....

A rather watery consistency compared to many I have used before, I thought that this may not quite live up to its expectation, although HT is a well established and quality brand, it actually works very well.

Easy to apply due to its thin texture, it covers your skin quickly and without leaving hard to rub clumps of lotion. Another positive is that the white lotion disappears into your skin within minutes leaving you looking shiny and healthy - not to mention protected. It shares the usual sunscreen scent that brings me back to the ocean but is not overwhelming and will not completely over rule your favorite perfume!

It claims to be waterproof and is supposed to retain its SPF factor for up to 8 hours IN WATER! Frankly, I believe it, although I do feel more comfortable applying another thin layer after emerging from any body of water, just to be certain! I do have one observation/comment... Who in their right mind would spend 8 hours in water - unless trying to survive a sinking ship at which point, I highly doubt they are reaching for their sunscreen!! Odd!


To date, since wearing this, I have not been burned once. Not that I deliberately venture outside in a Criss Angel mind set of surviving the worlds worst burn for the sake of a reliable review, but I do venture outside contrary to the illusion I may be projecting, and so far, so good....

I have read, however, that a SPF of 30 offers relatively the same protection of anything with a higher SPF factor, basically this informed me that a number higher than 30 is merely a psychological ploy to make you feel safer! Whatever... It works for me! I can allow myself to be a psychological guinea pig once in my life.


Waterproof SPF with UVA/UVB protection


Hypo allergenic

Oil free

Oh, it also claims to be "non-migrating" - if you know what that means, please tell me! I thought that meant that it won't run away from you while basking on the beach!


A little more expensive than many similar brands (although worth the cost)

Debatable if 50+ SPF is actually any better than a cheaper 30 SPF

Can over pour from the bottle if not careful, due to the thin consistency of the sunscreen.


I would glady purchase this again, even if not on sale. I have had this lotion since last summer and it is still going strong... A little goes a long way with this product AND it is recommended as an effective UV sunscreen by The Skin Cancer Foundation!

In a nutshell, I think back on what I spent on aloe to soothe my pink skin and then think of the cost of this lotion - no comparison and pain free!!!