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If Only I Could Control My Dancing...

Reviewing: Sega Samba De Amigo  |  Rating:
Kevin Roman By Kevin Roman on
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The soundtrack makes this game barely tolerable; don't buy if you already have the Dreamcast version. At least there are a lot of great songs. The only issue I have is that you gotta pay 15 bucks to get the extras (they were free to download on the

Dreamcast version). At least some enjoyable songs were: Papa Loves Mambo, Take on Me, and Conga. The biggest problem is that the controls are sluggish. The new add-on is to dance, that is move your wiimote/nunchuck between 2 areas over time. Some songs, when in hustle mode, have you go across the 6 zones clockwise or counter-clockwise. This is a fun add-on that works because you have some time for the controls to catch up. Basically you have 6 zones to position your wiimote and nunchuck which will play as maracas. The zones are not determined by your height unlike the Dreamcast version; they are based on where the Wiimote/nunchuck are pointed. If you have them pointed up, it will be high, if at the screen, medium, and if pointed down, this will be low. This is a very unnatural way of playing, unlike the Dreamcast version which had you shake your maracas (maracas controller) low, medium and high rather than point them, so that you really felt like you were shaking maracas (which are only shaken while held up). You also have to do career mode on the braindead easy mode; you have to do 15 songs to unlock some things here. Easy mode is so slow that even with the sluggish controls, you will get an easy 95% or higher on the songs. It also is uninspiring as you can't really play to the song with how slowly the balls move into the zones for you to shake the wiimote/nunchuck (as maracas) like you are having fun. This makes the game a terrible chore to play until you at least have the competent by comparison normal mode (this time 20 songs to unlock things like maracas, songs you don't download online, and dance sounds). This is a terrible way of unlocking things because hard mode is locked until you finish these 2 modes. So this means if you wanted to start on hard mode, you'd have to play this for 35 songs; 15 on easy and 20 on normal rather than do some songs on hard and unlock more stuff (as getting a high score on hard should be a subset of getting it on easy and normal). The hard mode is impossible to do because you are pointing at the zones but they are not responding because the cursors are where you pointed last; not where it is now (like a 1-1.5 second lag). The poses that have you put both maracas into the same zone are impossible to do as well because of how sluggish the controls are. You will miss often and get low scores due to these flawed controls. There are 2 fundamental flaws with a rhythm game: bad music or a bad control setup. This game had a bad control setup.