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If You Need A Cheaper Beading Wire, This Is It

Reviewing: China Made Diamond Logo Tiger Tail Beading Wire 0.4mm (Silver)  |  Rating:
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I've got fancied with jewelry making ever since I joined a jewelry making class in 2008. Well, this item I'm going to review is a beading wire, tiger tail wire to be exact. This beading wire's brand is in Chinese writing, so I'm not sure what's the brand. But it has the logo of a diamond on the label. This wire is made special for jewelry, as it indicates on the label as well. It is the copper wire, the commonly-used beading wire. The color of this beading wire is silver, though I'm sure there are a number of other colors available. The size of this beading wire is 0.4 mm, though you can select other sizes depending on your needs. The specialty of tiger tail beading wire is that it's flexible, can be bended easily, and so is this wire. I mostly use this wire for making brooches, or when making bangles from wires (as an additional ornaments only, not suitable for the main material). I was introduced to this beading wire on the first day I joined a brooch-making class, and so far I've been using it all along, and found no problem with this product. Instead, this beading wire is very convenient to use. A roll of this contains around 10m, I think (I haven't got the chance to measure the whole content lol..). About the material, this is a so-so product. Since, it's China-made, you can't compare it to similar USA-made products, which of course, have the best quality. But since it's cheap, I don't mind at all. I usually buy five or six rolls at one time, to get even cheaper price. Overall, this is an okay beading (tiger tail) wire.