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If You're Mad At Your Mother, Read The Almost Moon

Reviewing: The Almost Moon By Alice Sebold Isbn978 0 316 67746 2  |  Rating:
By linda amstutz on
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I loved THE LOVELY BONES by Alice Sebold. I think we all did. It was a sensitive, moving story about the murder of a little girl and how her family survived the loss. I think almost all the women read that book several years ago. It was on the bestseller list for months.

Then, I read LUCKY, again by Alice Sebold. LUCKY told the true, brave story of Alice Sebold's survival over a brutal rape. The book grabbed my interest on the first page and never let go.

So, I was very excited when I heard that Ms Sebold had written a new novel. I have to read this, I exclaimed, when I heard the news. The reviews were mixed, but I figured not everyone was interested in a novel which began with the main character killing her mother. I have a strong heart, so I ordered the book.

It was a fast read, a page turner. Right away, Helen kills her mother. Not even in the heat of an argument. She just kills her old mother. And then spends the rest of the book wondering what to do with the body. And wondering why she did it.

This book is a little Alfred Hitchcock and a little Anne Tyler. It was hard for me to decide just who the crazy person was. I know one thing for sure -- it isn't the reader!