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I Gallop A Fun Exercise Program

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teagirl By teagirl on
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If you've been in Brookstone or get their catalog, you may have seen a funny looking exercise device called the iGallop. Or you may have seen videos online of people using it - and usually looking ridiculous doing so. However, the iGallop is a superb piece of exercise equipment. Using the iGallop is akin to riding a horse - you need to engage your core muscles, as well as your glutes and thigh muscles. The gentle back and forth sway alternates which muscles you engage, and it's all pretty mindless, but soon after you are done with your first session, you will feel the exercise burn deep in your muscles - far deeper than squats or sit-ups. And it works quickly as well - within a couple of days you'll be standing taller and you'll notice a change in your muscles. I started losing weight and gaining muscle much faster than I do when I'm doing traditional aerobics and spot exercises, and have a lot more fun. Everyone I know who has an iGallop echos my sentiment - you stick with this exercise routine. I have other expensive pieces of equipment, but this is the one I keep up with. The only thing I'd change is that it would be nice if there was a countdown clock on it (it simply stops oscillating after fifteen minutes), but wearing a watch is easy enough.

The iGallop may feel silly at first, but so does the Stairmaster first time you get on. The iGallop tones your muscles and improves you balance in a gentle and safe way - and you will feel the improvement fast.