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I Home2go Makes I Pod Music Portable And Easy

Reviewing: Sdi I Home2 Go Ih31 S Portable Ipod Boombox  |  Rating:
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If you're looking for a lightweight, portable iPod boom-box then I would strongly recommend this product. I've had it for almost a year, and I have used it in every room in my house, outside on the patio, lounging at the beach on a sunny day, while driving in my car, and camping in a tent in the middle of nowhere.

The greatest feature of this product is its versatile power sources. It comes with an AC adapter, a car adapter, and can run for an extended period of time on batteries. The only downside is when using battery power the stereo uses 8 C batteries when can often be pricey.It is also versatile in the sense that it works with every type of iPod available (nano, shuffle, touch, phone, regular). I have 3 different kinds of iPod's and it is comforting knowing that all of them work in this stereo. In terms of sound quality I would give it a 9 out of 10. It has a fantastic sound that resonates throughout the room (or house if you have the volume turned up loud enough). It comes with a simple remote with all the standard functions. Another great feature is the stereo has a decent FM radio that is useful when you get bored of the music on your iPod. You can also present FM stations making it easy to shuffle between them.

The only flaw I see in this product is that it does not charge your iPod while it is playing music. This can be a little troublesome if your iPod dies while you are camping and you don't have access to a computer/power. However, if you are close to home or have access to an iPod charger then this is only a very minor inconvenience.

If you are an iPod owner, who likes to listen to their music on a larger scale then I would recommend this product as long as you have a iPod charging source nearby.