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Ikariam Ikariam.Com Review

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Jenn Huffer By Jenn Huffer on
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I play a game called Ikariam on Ikariam.com. You sign up on the website and create an account. In doing so you receive a little water side village. You put your villagers to work cutting wood, reasearching scientific areas, ect. Any villager that is not working on a job brings gold into your village. You can use the materials your villagers gather and the gold to buy uprades to buildings you already have built, you can build new buildings and train troops and build war ships and trade ships.

On the island that your first village is on you only have two resources, wood and another (crystals, marble, wine, or sulfur). When you build a Palace in you capital village and have the correct amount of resources and villagers then you can establish a new village on another island with another reasorce so you can collect that resource and transport to you other villages. The higher you level in your palace is the more new villages you can establish.

If you do not want to establish villages or you do not have the resources or levels you need to establish them then you can pillage other players villages to get thier supplies but watch out for their allies they may fight back if you pillage one of their villages.

You can also train spys to go out to other villages and check out what they have and if they do not get caught by the other players village then they will report back with what they find. This helps alot if you are thinking about pillaging a village and aren't really sure how strong the village is or if they even have the resource you need in their warehouse.

This is just a fun little pass time game you can play while online. I enjoy it a lot.