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Ikea Gullholmen Chair Crazy Comfortable!

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Alright...you are probably looking at the picture I uploaded of this thing and are going "What the heck is that Jen? You expect us to believe that's a CHAIR?" Why yes...yes I do!

This is a great little chair I got from Ikea, one of the best stores in the entire world! If you haven't visited one yet, I really insist you check one out...even if you have to drive hours and hours! But this review is about the chair, not Ikea...so continuing....I have had my eye on this chair ever since I went shopping for my apartment back in December with my family. When I was in the store this past week I again found "my chair" and sat down on it, wishing I had the money to even buy just one. They retail for $59.99 a piece, and I've been wanting a pair of them for my patio. I still didn't have enough money saved up so I continued on. I wandered into the clearance/damaged section and what do I see pretty much waving at me? One of the chairs!!! I hurried over to it to stake my claim, just in case it was waving at someone else, and saw that it was simply in the clearance section because it had been the display model. It was marked 35% off bringing it down to $38.50. Without even a second thought I picked up the chair and tossed it into my cart!

The chair is a ratan chair made out of renewable banana fibers. You're sitting on a banana tree! According to Ikea they advise that this chair is perfect for a patio with a roof and walls, which describes my apartment's patio perfectly. The chair can also be cleaned with a wet cloth if it ever gets dirty. The chair is 24/26/29 so it sits quite low to the ground which could be a problem with those who have some arthritis in their legs, but it doesn't bother me at all. The chair is also a rocker so you can sit in it, relax, and rock back and forth; which I love to do.

And despite it's appearence, it is a REALLY comfortable chair. You might not think it would be from its thin, and awkward back but in reality...that's all the support your back really needs. The only thing that I think I might get to make this chair even better is a little foot stool so I can really relax in it. Now I just need to save up my pennies and get a matching friend for it!

So if you happen to find yourself inside an Ikea anytime soon, I highly suggest you check the Gullholmen chair out. You will be pleasently surprised!