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Ikea Novel Design Holds Paper Napkins Securely

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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napkins in clear Ikea holder

This napkin holder will hold either a few or many paper napkins and is easy to use.

This was a gift from a friend, and we use it all the time. It is a napkin holder from IKEA, made of clear plastic. At the center of the bottom piece is a hinge which allows the two sides to “flap” open or closed. As you will see on the video, when I accidently let go of it, it naturally snaps shut by gravity. There is no spring or any part other than the plastic of the holder/ hinge itself to break.

Because of this natural “closed” position, the holder will grab either one napkin or a whole stack of them. This makes it really nice to use for a group, because the final few napkins won’t fall out or bend over for lack of being grabbed by the holder. In addition, because it loads from the top it’s much easier to use than some designs that hold the napkins with a spring, or by a bar that lies across the napkins.

The clear plastic means that it will go with any setting where paper napkins are appropriate.

The only thing that is problematic about this is that here in west Michigan we often have stiff breezes and it has blown over on the picnic table sometimes.

I just looked this up on IKEA.com, and it is called the Fantastisk Napkin Holder and sells for $1.99