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I'll Huff And Puff And Blow Your Door In!

Reviewing: Lowes Hollow Core Door  |  Rating:
By Geralyn Hydock on
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Let us just say that we needed a new door for our downstairs bathroom. Someone got mad and put there fist through it and produced a hole in it. We needed to repair it as we were having an inspection of our quarters as they are being taken over by a private enterprise. The Army is getting out of the housing business.

We looked at the Home Depot site and they did not have any so therefore we visited the Lowes site and found out that they carried them. Off to Lowes we went. We found the aisle with doors and what should appear before our eyes but a hollow core door. We had our choice of a more expensive pre hung version or a cheap do it your self door. Of course, we chose the cheaper version.

My husband is very handy but he had never replaced a door before. Do not worry, he had every tool imagineable at his disposal. Down into the basement he went and before you know it, he had the darn door up and looking pretty good. I was amazed and he too had amazed himself. There is little to putting a new one on except for taking the old door and hardware off.

Hollow core doors are a good low costing interior door alternative. They are generally inexpensively constructed of veneer plywood with cardboard cores. They usually have borders and faces of hardboard and insde there are ribbed paper blocks for support. These doors can be either painted or stained, it is up to the individual.

These doors are not a good option if sound insulation is important therefore they are good for closets, child's playrooms, bathrooms, and other parts of the house that do not require sound proof doors for privacy. The best part of them is the cost. They are much cheaper than the average interior door but then again they are not the most durable. Do not use them for exterior doors!

Nonetheless, hollow core doors do provide a purpose in most home construction. They may be lightweight but they are thick enough to endure loads of pressure before they begin to warp. These doors come in a variety of sizes and can be bought in several styles such as folding doors. Other ingenious uses for these doors is to make coffee or end tables out of them. I have even seen a headboard made out of them on one of those home shows on television. The uses are endless.

I highly recommend these doors if you need a door for a room which needs little privacy. You may even need an end table, coffee table, or headboard. The price is right and you can either paint or stain them. Our new door is up and looks great!