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Illusion Collar And Leash Set By Dog Whisperer

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By joey on
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I have a fairly new dog that I adopted from the humane society. He is a very tough customer and has presented an incredible challenge in various ways to say the least. On a walk he pulls to the excess. Mastering the walk is a major part of a dogs training. If he or she is dragging you on the walk its pretty clear that you are not being perceived by your dog as the pack leader. I decided to check out Caesar Millans website and see if I could find any training aides to help me on the walk. I found out there that Caesar and wife developed the illusion collar which looked good on paper but I really wondered if in reality it would work. This collar arrived a couple of days ago and I have now used it twice. Both times it made an incredible difference and my dog walked in a very orderly fashion. The collar appears pretty well made and as long as the two buckles hold up this will be one awesome invention. I want to continue testing this over a longer period of time before I can say more about the durability of the buckles. I am also going to try and purchase a couple of extra ones just in case. I am very impressed so far. You should also walk your dog on a short leash when training. They are supposed to walk by your side not way a head of you. Well they also provide you with a shorter leash which I was not able to get at any of the pet stores around here. I did feel that 39.95 was a bit steep to pay for a collar but when it arrived I looked if over and was impressed by the workmanship of it and feel it was worth every penny. This is certainly much better that having your arms pulled off by a very strong dog and it works well. My dog is much more relaxed on his walk now and its easier to correct him as well with a slight pull off to either side. This collar comes in either black or red. I chose red for my dog and it looks pretty good in red. It also comes in small, medium or large sizes. I have to say also that its very important to carefully read the instructions on how to use this collar before hand. Further it is for training purposes not for your dog to be wearing all the time. To take a look at this collar please go to www.cesarmillaninc.com. It worked very well for me and my dog.