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I'm A Star !

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When my husband and I got married, he promised me the moon and the stars. He actually gave me the star part already!

I received a letter and a plaque style certificate on my birthday that said my husband had named a star after me.( See the picture above) My star's location and its telescopic coordinates are:

Mag 08.6 RA 07h 34m 05.292s DEC + 21 degrees 16' 35.20"

I have a certificate of registry and my star has been filed with the United States Library of Congress and it is insured against duplication by the Lloyds of London. Pretty cool huh?!

Now that I have a star, I thought it would be nice to name a star in my husbands name. We will always be together on earth and now together in the heavens. I gave him a star on his next birthday. This time he received the plaque certificate and letter stating that I had named a star in his honor. His was a deluxe plaque that shows the location and the constellation that his star rests in. His star and the coordinates are:

Hercules RA 17h 43m 47sd 36 degrees 14'

From now on the star will be known as his name and it will be filed in the Registry's vault in Switzerland. It's also recored in a book and registered in the copyright offices of the United States. No one can have the same star, this is what makes this such a unique gift.

We both received star charts with the location of our stars circled in red. I look forward to star gazing one of these nights with our telescope and actually seeing my star in person. How awesome is that!

Now you can even name a set of stars for a couple. This would make a fantastic wedding gift or an anniversary present. If you are looking to give a gift that is one of a kind, or a gift to someone who has everything......this is a perfect choice!

Here's their website for more information: