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I'm Certai Nly Dry

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I had an extremely embarrassing problem, I used to sweat excessively from my armpits. It simply is not attractive on a women to have big pit stains. I was embarrassed to lift my arms or wear a solid color shirt that would show wet pits. I tried almost every deodorant on the market and nothing worked. I was about to go see a dermatologist when I found Certain Dry.

Certain Dry claims that it is the most effective anti-perspirant you can buy without a prescription. This is one product that certainly lives up to its claim.

The directions are simple and easy to follow:

* Apply to underarms only.

* Apply only at bedtime

* Apply sparingly

* Apply only a few strokes under each arm.

The active ingredient in Certain Dry is Aluminum Chloride (12%) (Antiperspirant) and the inactive ingredients are Sodium Bicarbonate, Water. This product contains no deodorants and therefore the ingredient list is short.

After I purchased the product, I followed the directions and applied it at bedtime to my underarms. The next morning I showered as usual. To my amazement, I was dry throughout the day.

It works so well that after a while I didn't even have to apply it every night. I now only apply it every other night.

As I mentioned before, Certain Dry doesn't contain a deodorant so you may still want to use one. I was asked to rate fragrance so I put a 5 even though there is no fragrance. I don't need to use a deodorant, but I do because I like the smell.

Another great thing about Certain Dry is that they have a satisfaction guarantee and if you are not completely satisfied after using this product as directed, you simply send the purchase receipt to the address on the box for a full refund.

I would highly recommend to anyone with a sweating problem to try Certain Dry before taking more extreme measures recommended by some dermatologists.