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I'm 'Craaazy!' For Plants Vs. Zombies!

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I never dreamed that such a ridiculous sounding game could be so fun or so addictive, but here I am, three weeks later, with my golden trophy earned, every mini-game unlocked, and a flourishing Zen Garden... I'm hooked! Simply put, Plants vs. Zombies is the best casual game I have ever played. I would give it a 6 out of 5 if I could!

Plants vs. Zombies is a cute, animated casual game that is safe and fun for all ages. The premise is simple. The only thing between your house and a zombie hoard is your front lawn, and an arsenal of flowers and plants willing to defend it. The main play mode is "Tower Defense" style, meaning you must strategically choose the right plants to hold off the different types of zombies and defend your home for an allotted period of time. Each level becomes more challenging as zombies with different special abilites attack. Luckly, as you level, you also unlock special plants that are designed to combat every type of attack.

Playing through the levels also unlocks other modes of play. There are zombie-puzzles, and mini-games, which are short and fun and focus on certain skills. There's even a mini-game that lets you play as the zombies! Another unlockable is your Zen Garden. The Zen Garden is a peaceful greenhouse where you can grow plants and take care of them (sort of Dinner-Dash style), by giving them water, fertilizer, etc... In return, these plants reward you with coins that you can use to purchase items from Crazy Dave's shop. Shop items help your game play by updating your plants, or giving you special abilites to boost your defense.

I have already gotten my money's worth and more from this game, and I'm still in love with it.

Check out the trailer here, or try the demo for yourself.

Have I got you convinced yet? Good! Then allow me to highly recommend purchasing it from Steam. While the game is available to purchase directly from Pop Cap, it is much more expensive. Buying it directly costs $19.99 compared to Steam's price of $9.99. Also, Steam has regular specials. We picked up our copy during the Christmas Sale for only $5.99--a real steal!

Happy Gaming!