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I'm Not Dazzeled Twilight Book Review

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I first heard about the Twilight series on the internet. I use to blog a lot and many of my blog mates would post about how the new books in the series were comming out and how Twilight changed their life and they never read anything like this before and where would they find an Edward Cullen because he’s just a heaping pile of perfection made of liquid sex. This made me curious enough to pick up my own copy of the Twilight series. I order a book online from a fan and I was excited to get my hands on it. I finally got it somewhat late maybe almost a month later and I started reading it. I honestly couldn’t finish it for the longest time, not because it was a difficult advance type of read but it was very boring to me. Half of the book is about the protagonist Bella Swan complaining and whining about the weather in this area called Forks where she has to stay with her dad for unknown reasons. Bella focuses on the environment a lot and even though she’s described as ‘mature for her age’ she’s just as superficial and bitchy as any teenager. When a schoolmate named Mike takes notice of Bella and acts friendly towards her, she calls him a ‘chess club geek’ and ‘lap dog’ in her head. Real mature Bella, real mature. But when the beautiful forever-young god-like vampire Edward Cullen takes notice of Bella she acts like a dog in heat lavishing all over him and even though knowing that Edward can destroy her and rip her to shreds she’s still willing to be with him, everyone else that’s human including her family doesn’t matter, they actually never matter in the first place since the author Stephanie Meyers view of ‘mature‘ is an ungrateful, shallow, whiny teen. That ladies and gentlemen is what your daughter is looking up and comparing herself to. Thinking deeply about this book it’s actually very creepy, Edward stalks Bella and watches her in her sleep and Bella finds that flattering.

For those who think Twilight is unique story then you obviously never been to fanfiction.net because the story is horribly written like a fan fiction. A characteristic of a bad fan fiction is that includes a self-insert who has no character flaws besides being clumsy. Bella is physically described very much like the author, pale skin, heart-shape face, plump lips and Bella’s only flaw clearly mentioned in the book is that she’s clumsy, that is what we call in fan fiction a mary-sue. Another mary-sue trait is that she’s perfect and all the boys fall for her which is exactly what happens in every other fan fiction story.

I think the only reason that Twilight is so popular is because it’s an easy read and doesn’t take a lot of brain power. It’s also basically porn for 14-year-olds and housewives that aren’t sexually fulfilled anymore. If your not any of those two categories then same on you because you should know better.