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I'm Orange!!!

Reviewing: L'oreal Sublime Bronze Self Tanning Lotion  |  Rating:
sparkle333 By sparkle333 on
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I am on a quest to find a good self-tanning lotion. I am also very fair. As I have gotten older, I prefer to get my "tan" from a bottle, as I am convinced of the dangers of too much sun exposure. So, I have been trying some different lotions and comparing my views with other reviews.

As much as I like the L'oreal brand in general, this lotion did not work well for me. What I did like about it was the fragrance. It did not have that unforgettable self-tanner smell that lingers in my memory. It was a nice consistency, and seemed to moisturize very well. However, when I woke up the next day, I was orange!!!! (I thought we had gotten past that after all these years, but apparently not.) Any blemishes that were on my skin turned an even darker orange--almost dark brown. Around my navel, was a circle of brownish-orange coloring, which made me look like I hadn't bathed in several days. Yes, my knees and elbows were dark as well. (I did spread it on evenly and carefully.)

I'm not sure that my pasty-white skin didn't look a lot better! LOL! I did get the light-medium shade, so I can't imagine what a darker shade would have done. (Well at least I live in Florida where oranges are desirable!)