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I'm So Embarrassed

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sparkle333 By sparkle333 on
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I'm so embarrassed for a lot of reasons. The first reason is because when I pulled out my old wallet the other day, I wanted to run and hide. I hadn't actually taken a good look at it for quite some time. It used to be a red wallet, but now it's covered with black permanent magic marker stains, where a pen leaked on it. Those stains are just added to the already dirty and worn exterior. It made me appear worse than a street person. I quickly grabbed out the needed money and made a mental note to quickly get a new wallet.

So one night I stopped in Target, and made a beeline for the ladies' wallets. I chose a nice checkbook size black wallet, and was on my way.

I'm so embarrassed because I forgot to change the wallet out with my old one for over a week now. Once again, I wanted to shrink into the floor, when I had to pull out the old red wallet, that now resembled an oddly colored leopard.

So today, I finally got around to changing my wallets. (Are you still with me?) When I finally took a nice long look at the new wallet, I realized that it was primarily made to hold a checkbook (which I don't use.) It also had lots of places for pictures (which I never carry.) There were places for credit cards (which I do use.) It has a zipper secured currency compartment, which for me will be most awkward. Once I'm in the wallet, I prefer not to have to open another zipper to get to my bills. And I guess you're supposed to throw your change in there also, as I haven't yet found anything that resembles a change compartment.

So if your goal is to carry tons of photos, lots of credit cards, and a checkbook, then this is the "wallet" for you. But if you just need a place to put your dollars and change (as I do) perhaps you'd like to shop a little longer than I did, and find a more suitable wallet.

I'm so embarrassed...