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I Mac I Mac 2.4 20 Inch Review

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pamarama By pamarama on
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If you're just looking for a computer, forget the iMac. If you're looking for a piece of technology that is your computer, your stereo, your DVD recorder and player, your game station, and your connection to the WWW at super sonic speeds, then yes, you want the iMac.

I love the iMac, even though I do miss my laptop. It is taking a while to get used to using a wired mouse again, as opposed to a touch pad, especially when the mouse is somtimes funky (see below).

Every time I see the impresive 20 inch monitor on my desk, I keep thinking I left the TV on. That's probably because the 20 inch screen on the new iMac, released in Agust of 2007, is as big as our flat screen TV upstairs.

I cannot imagine having the 24 inch for my purposes. I can see how the 24 inch as well as the 20 inch would suit any graphic designer, or group office setting or even a standard dorm room.

When Apple sauy the iMac is an all-in-one, the mean it. The computer is built into the monitor, which stands on a sturdy and flat base.

The iMac can also be your home or bedroom entertainment center.

I was impressed at how easily the iMac connected to my existing Internet connection. On my previous Apple laptop, it took some configuring, because I use a router shared with another laptop, and we are on cable Internet.

The only drawback to the iMac is that it comes with so many multimedia toys that when you first set it up (which only takes minutes) you will want to play instead of work.

In the future I will upgrade to a wireless mouse, since I was accustomed to the touchpad on the laptop.

The new iMac is a great computer, and an affordable buy when you comapre the quality and speed you get with other comparable computers. Actually, that's not true. There are not computers comparable to the new iMac.

Also, the mouse that comes with the computer has some issues. The scroll button gets stuck, for one, which can be very annoying.

Also, when Expose is enabled, which brings some cool stuff like a calulator and the weather to your desktop, the volume keys on the keywboard stop working. I had to turn off Expose to get the keyboard volume to work.