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I Mac: Simple Yet Beautiful

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Will Lane By Will Lane on
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I recently switched from a PC to a mac because I was fed up with microsoft. My computer kept freezing, getting a virus, loosing data and everything else a PC does. I figured the only way to fix this was by getting a mac which everyone says are great.

First thing you notice about a mac is how nice it looks. It is pure eye candy and when you switch it on it gets even better. The resolution is just terrific! All the wallpapers look so perfect and the whole screen looks so tidy you just want to kiss it. However not everything about this computer is perfect. Actually I find it hard to use and irritating. This is probably because I just switched from a PC nether the less everything seemed so restricted.

Technically this computer is wonderfull, even at entry level it is ultra fast and has a great memory. This means that it is fast. Switching on takes half the time it does on my old PC.

Overall I found it was a worthy upgrade and it turned my desk into a piece of art. I would highly recommend this mac.