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Imagine Fx Magazine For Artists With A Fantasy

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For the artist in everyone, ImagineFX Magazine offers a 114 page ticket into the world of Sci-Fi and Fantasy artists work from around the world. Not only are you able to view some incredible images completed within a number of mediums from digital painting to acrylics, oils, watercolors, guache etc., you also receive a heavily laden CD that houses all the tutorial images, tools, software trials and more to help you follow along with the number of workshops the magazine always offers.

I absolutely hate purchasing a magazine that holds more advertisements than content between its covers and that's only one of the reasons I don't mind paying $19.98 every month for the newest issue of this magazine. The advertisements are relevant, subtle and beneficial but not prominent enough to make me feel that I've wasted my money and have learned nothing from the issue at all. I am a mag-aholic and for some time I used to purchase 10-15 different art related magazines per month. Many of those magazines I now leave right on the shelf because the amount of relevancy has become so overgrown with advertisements that I simply can't justify spending even $6.99 on them any longer.

ImagineFX has been around for a few years now and has as of this May produced 30 top quality, information and technique filled issues that in my opinion have been worth every cent I have paid. I began purchasing this magazine when the very first issue came out, an issue that today some people are willing to pay $50 and $60 or more just to have to round out their own collection. I doubt that I will ever part with any of mine because regularly I thumb through them and never fail to find something that helps solve or improve something related to my own art endeavors. When I'm not using them one of my 4 artistic children are. One of my children is working his way through to be a Concept artist, another does all of her own graphics work in her CDJ promotional covers, flyers and business material. All of us have gained valuable tips, lessons and techniques that sometimes we don't even realize we need until we use them and then...wow...it all comes together.

I work in many different mediums from graphite to oils to digital painting and my subject matter is just as varied...portraits, landscapes, fantasy (dragons and fairies especially) as well as oriental works and more, and yet, there is never an issue that doesn't offer me something that I can use in my own work no matter what it is I am emersed in at the time.

Even if you are not interested in creating your own art, I am certain there will be an image or two that will have you going ...wow, is that ever incredible! In today's world when every dollar counts, ImagineFX continues to deliver top quality content that is worth every cent. A publication that anyone who is even the most casual of artists or who just loves looking at incredible works by skilled people, will find very beneficial and rarely if ever will you be disappointed.

Update On Jun 01, 2008: You can check out some of the great content this magazine offers from the Publishers site http://www.imaginefx.com/home.aspx and access Workshops, Resources and downloads of wallpaper and more.