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Imaginiff You Were A Song... Which Would You Be?

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Tonya Carlson By Tonya Carlson on
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Imaginiff you cold play a game that was just too much fun you wouldn't want to stop! I was introduced to this game from one of the girls in my bunco group and I fell in love with this game.

The object of the game is to answer the questions correctly about your family friends or people you never met! Let me give you and example: The player reads the card "imaginiff blank(fill in with the name of a player) were a World Record. Which would he/she be? Then it gives you these answers for someone to choose, Like one The world's largest Piggy Bank, 2. The world's longest sausage etc etc. And then everyone answers it and the players who name you inserted gives the answer they choose and who ever matches it gets a point.

The game is for 3-8 players and ages 12 and up. So it is really a game for the whole family.

This is really a fun game just becasue there are questions that can lend to all sorts of conversions(if you know what I mean!) But at the same time you are getting to know things about your friends and family.