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Immersion Blender

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I had seen Immersion Blenders used many times on TV shows on the Food Network and wanted one but did not want to pay the high price for the models they were using. I was not sure if it was going to be something I would use enough to justify spending alot of money on one. In Walmarts black Friday ad, they had one advertised for only $5.00 and it became the top item on my shopping list. I thought for $5.00 if I hated it no big loss and if I loved it and needed one with more features, I could then go look for one of the fancier ones. Well funny thing is, I love it, I use it often and I have not even looked into getting one of the others.

Being a home cook, I make gravies and soups often. With some soups you make them in the pot and then have to transfer them to a blender to puree them and then put them back in the pot to finish cooking them. The immersion blender works in place of the blender. It is a spinning blade on a long stick. You place it down in the pot and move it ever so slightly around and it purees the item right there in the pot. This eliminates the need to transfer hot liquid which is a big pain and saves you time and energy because you don't have clean a blender. Clean up for the immersion blender could not be easier, you run it under hot water in the sink or fill a glass with water and put it in there and give the blades a spin. Then unplug it, run a sponge over it and rinse.

This model has 2 speeds and automatically shuts off when you take your finger off the switch. It works great to get the lumps out of gravies and sauces and also make a mean milkshake right in the glass. Unlike a handheld mixer, there is very little splatter because the blades are covered so it works well in shallow bowels too.

I personally can not imagine what the fancier models can do that this one can not so I have stuck with this one. It really has been a big help in the kitchen and it a product that I have enjoyed using.