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Im Too Mov Converter 6 Adequate, Not The Best Deal

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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I am just venturing into doing more with editing videos. This requires a converter to change the format from the MOV files that my camera takes. I’ve found the IMToo MOV Converter is adequate for my current needs.

A year ago, I downloaded the trial version of the IMToo MOV Converter, which allows you to see exactly what the program will do. The limitation of the trial version is that you can only convert half of your movie, up to a total of 5 minutes. Until today, I’ve just gotten along with this, getting around it by filming twice the time I needed. I would just film what I wanted, then put the lens cover on and let the camera run for an additional amount of time equal to the part I wanted. This worked fine as long as I remembered to do it.

Today, I turned the camera off right after I finished a film clip without thinking. So I “bit the bullet, ” and paid the $30 for the full software, IMToo MOV Converter, version 6. It was easy- you can buy with PayPal or various credit cards, and download it immediately. Space required is 89.5MB. I’m glad I got it (although see note at end), because now I won’t need to remember to fool with my work-around solution.

With the converter, you can change MOV or QT files to WMV, AVI, AAC, DivX, MP3, MPEG1, MPEG2, WAV, or WMA. I haven’t tried all of these, but the method is the same for all, you just choose the one you want from a pulldown list.

The software is very intuitive. I’ve never even opened the help file. When the converter opens you have a choice to import a video to convert. You can’t do anything until you’ve pulled in a file to work with. You can choose the size, video and audio quality, and whether or not you want the file split into smaller segments.

Once you pull in one or more video clips, you can preview them in a small screen if desired. Then you choose the output format you want. You can select more than one output format without reloading the clip. Choose a destination and a name. Default values are My Videos and whatever number your camera assigned to the clip.

One thing that is a tiny bit confusing is that the delete button only deletes the clip from your work pane, not from the drive. I tried this on a clip that I didn’t want to keep, just in case it really deleted it, but it only means “close.”

This is adequate for my needs, but I think that I should have checked the IMToo website before making this purchase. For only $5 more, I could have purchased the Full IMToo Video Converter, Standard, which appears to be much more powerful. Therefore, I’m only going to rate this at 4.0, just because the other package appears to be such a better deal.

I don’t know anything about customer support for these products.

If you are looking for a converter, I’d recommend looking at the features of the IMToo Video Converter, Standard Edition. It appears to offer a lot more for very little extra cost.