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In A Galaxy Far Far Away... You're Kicking Butt!

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This game I've had for a long time, since 2001 to be exact and I still find it addicting. It's one of those games you put away for awhile then when you see it you think, "sure it's been awhile", then boom! You're hooked for another month.

This strategy game is simple. Collect 4 types of resources (carbon, food, nova, ore) using your workers and use those resources to build new types of buildings and your army. Then, attack the crap out of the enemy! Depend on the game style will alter your objective. There's good old fashion death match, protect the monument (one player has the monument and the rest try to destroy it), terminate the commander, and a few others.

The only down fall is me version that first came out no longer has on-line playability but it does have LAN capability so I can face off against the boyfriend and whip his butt. But I can still play for hours on my own. If you happened to see this game anywhere I'd pick it up. It'll keep you amused for hours!