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In A Pinch

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If you're a dog lover like my husband and I are, you'd understand the ups and downs that come with dog training and walking. We came across our Pit bull "Meko" when he was only six weeks old. Of course back then he was tiny and it was a piece of cake to be able to just pick him up and walk around with him inside my sweater. He'd feel my warmth and pass right out. We could take him anywhere we wanted whenever we wanted. At that time I never considered what life would be like when he grew to weigh 80 pounds.

When it became difficult for me to pick him up and carry him, we began to train him walking around our neighborhood with a standard collar and leash. Not only was he too heavy for me to simply pick him up, he was incredibly strong as well. Only being a couple months old, he was still curious. He wanted to smell everything. Everything and everyone. Trees, leaves and grass were never a problem but when we had to introduce him to other animals, he would nearly drag me across the street just to go say hello to another neighborhood pet. My husband and I searched our local pet store up and down to find a solution to training him to just simply walk and not pull and drag us all over the place and we discovered this pinch collar.

It looks scary. It's completely chrome and spikes surrounding his entire huge neck. At first I was afraid for him because I consider him my little baby but when the sales associate explained that it doesn't stab him, it just prevents him from pulling by gently pinching him whenever he gets the urge to tug.

The first time we put it on him, we were sold. We had tried it on him at the pet store and I refused to leave without it on. He responded so positively that I was amazed. I no longer had to endure losing the feeling in my hands with his leash wrapped around them cutting off my circulation. He began to resist the urge to cross streets unless I was by his side. Whenever he heard the jingle of the chain he'd come running knowing it was time to go for a walk.

We now switch back and forth between his regular collar and the pinch collar from time to time because he's a year and a half old now and familiar with his environment. But I think he wouldn't have the self-control he has now if it wasn't for that collar.