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In Ashes Lie

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Jenn Huffer By Jenn Huffer on
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In Ashes Lie is the follow up novel to Midnight Never Come. Both written by Marie Brennan. In Ashes Lie takes place about 100 years after Midnight Never Come ends. Charles is now King of England and Lune is now Queen of the Faerie Court in the Onyx Hall below the city of London. Lune also has a new Prince of the Stone (mortal who rules along side her).

This book may be somewhat confusing to some as they read. Marie Brennan writes in a way that she is telling two stories from two time frames at the same time. Parts of the ending of the story are mixed throughout the book. It is really important to look closely at the dates that are before each section. That makes understanding the story and time line a lot easier.

The book starts out with a fire breaking out in London. This fire is the side story throughout the book that comes to a conclusion at the end of the book. Gaining up to the start of the fire and the destruction of the Fire Dragon that is born of the fire, Lune and her Prince of the Stone, Antony, have to work together to get through the execution of the King and a plague that has struck England. Some well known characters from Midnight Never Come make appearances in this story and have very prominent story lines that follow them and are key to the ending of the book. After the death of The Prince of the Stone, Lune finds a new Prince just in time to battle the Fire Dragon that is destroying London and all it's buildings and making all it's people flee.

This story is filled with action and political propaganda (faerie and mortal). It is a great companion to Midnight Never Come but could also stand alone as a great read. I would strongly encourage a read of both.