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James Armistead By James Armistead on
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It almost erupted into a fight, and it had only started out as an opinion. I stated that Johnny Depp was twice the actor Robert DeNiro was, and almost immediately had a semi-full Blockbuster lobby ready to separate my esophagus from my jaw. And I thought I was just speaking the truth. Please do not infer that I in any way am dissatisfied with the films Mr. DeNiro has starred in; directed, or produced, but merely that the array of characters he successfully portrays is minimal compared to the vast differences in roles and personalities played by Mr. Depp. It is almost like comparing the writing styles of Clive Cussler to the writing styles of Emily Bronte. While Mr. Cussler certainly has an aptitude for delivering suspense; mystery, and action in a unique way, his storylines will all share a similar plot; rise, climax and resolution. Ms. Brontes' novels delve a little deeper into social commentary and life conflict. This is comparable to the styling of Johnny Depp. While on the surface he appears as a hollywood movie star that takes on rolls others would kill for, to me, he submerges himself into the very life of the roll to not just emulate but become the character onscreen.

This is even shown in his latest animated release, "Rango". As a lizard left to contemplate life; and the pursuit of water in a desert similar to the ones filmed in "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Johnny Depps' character, Rango, is a dreamer, a wannabe actor, and someone who does not deal well with being unknown. Without revealing the entire plot; we can summarize the film by saying that this character learns the value of being true to yourself and being honest with those who love and care for you. The moral of the story is the same as many others, but what made this movie so good to me was Johnny Depps ability to play the role. The tone and inflection in his voice mimicked exactly how you would stereotype someone who started to believe in his own lies. The attitude that would come across from such an individual was also replicated perfectly. The excitement in the voice, the calmness and sorrow during moments of enlightenment, these things were not just reenacted, but done so perfectly. This would have been difficult for most to do and sell in a normal act, but to do so while imitating a false voice made specifically for this role is even more of a challenge. And Depp nailed it. He is believable, he is charismatic, and he delivers the role with such a pretense of ease that it would make one jealous. I admire his skills and can only hope I will be as versatile a writer as he is an actor.