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In Flames Come Clarity

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Renee Witgenstein By Renee Witgenstein on
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It started out as an innocent trip to my local mall. Upon walking through FYE I wondered if they had any copies of In Flames' latest CD (A Sense of Purpose) which weren't edited. No such luck, but I did find the next best pick--Come Clarity.

The track list is as follows:

1. Take This Life

2. Leeches

3. Reflect the Storm

4. Dead End

5. Scream

6. Come Clarity

7. Vacuum

8. Pacing Death's Trail

9. Crawling Through Knives

10. Versus Terminus

11. Our Infinite Struggle

12. Vanishing Light

13. Your Bedtime Story is Scaring Everyone

I purchased this CD the day before Valentines' Day, and it's been in steady rotation among two other CDs in my car since then. My favorite tracks, with links to youtube videos for your previewing pleasure, are as follows:

"Take This Life"--intense heavy guitar and quick rhythm keep your head bobbing, and the combination strained screams and melodic vocals keep your soul singing right along with them.


"Reflect the Storm"--the lyrics speak to me through intense, melodically screamed lines like "...expose the dark side/aching and emotional/expose the dark side/impossible to tame..." and "...try to find a beautiful place to lay/these fragile bones of mine..." and lyrics sung beautiful enough to make your head spin such as "...away from the light of the sun/away, I find what is really me...". The guitars are steadily heavy and melodic, and the beat keeps things intense. Overall this is the track I play the most.


"Come Clarity"-- the title track to the CD is a slower-paced song, almost atypical of In Flames, but beautiful nonetheless. This is the sort of song I would want to play at my wedding (but then I'm a bit of an oddball, so don't let that fool you about the heaviness of the song, given it is still a ballad of sorts). It begins with a beautiful intro of what sounds like an acoustic/acoustic electric guitar and follows through with lyrics that are sung. There isn't much screaming in this track, only for a few select words. The beat is steady, slow, and yet still intense and emotional. The guitar solo around 2 1/2 minutes into the song is beautiful enough to give me goosebumps.


The rest of the tracks are classic In Flames sound, with heavy, thrashing guitar, rapidfire drumbeats, and screamed lyrics. Overall, I think this is definitely worth picking up if you even remotely like metal.