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In Out In Out In Ooooooh Nice Stroke! Concept Rower.

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Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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In my last job, I had free use of one of these rowers, so of course made the most of it. Nowadays, I feel I should do a bit more than just cycling to work, but there is no way I am joining a Gym! I used the rower on a regular basis, and kept a note of my times, distances, and resitance levels. I was able to see how my "Performance" was improving, although to be fair, in the early stages, a lot of it was down to my getting used to the machine, rather than getting fitter.

The rower was a Concept Mk 2, which apparently is the Worlds best, and best selling indoor rower, this is as advertised by the manufacturer, so I would normally take this with a pinch of Salt. I must say though, in this case, I am tempted to believe it. The seat slides on very good runners, the handgrips are very comfy, even with sweaty hands, and the resistance can be altered to suit the individual.

There is a screen, which I call the computer, and I admit I always used this on the basic setting, which shows total distance, total time, and the resistance is changed by a lever, so this information was good enough for me. There are many other ways you can monitpr your progress, the computer can be set to give you a "Countdown" from whatever distance or time you want, this gives you the chance to beat your own personal best (or your Mate's).

The maintenance is very simple, as most of the machine is sealed, so there is nothing to oil etc. I found it was common courtesy to wipe the seat and handgrips after use. This machine is easy to move, so you can take it outside when the weather is good. In our case, the rower was normally stood up against a wall, so took up very little room.

I can thoroughly recommend these machines, and yes I should really either buy my own, or go to a Gym, both options are a non starter at the moment, so I will continue to bike to work instead!