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In The Mood For Some Sweets? Well, Think Again!

Reviewing: Skullcandy Sc Ink/Blue  |  Rating:
forbiddenglory By forbiddenglory on
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These pair of earphones just goes to say that you should never "judge a book by its cover", as the wise saying goes. No regrets before anything; it's just that I find it somewhat incredible yet funny in how I was fooled into thinking that these earphones were something to get a hold of and even "brag" about it (although bragging about earphones is something that I would consider to be rather eccentric). In other words, earphones that give you your money's worth and are superior to many, many other ones that are available to be bought.

After a few hours of purchasing these, that was not to be, unfortunately seeing as the sound quality comes off as mediocre or even less than that. I mean, it's okay, but you may find yourself asking, "where the heck is the bass"? But not just that - I find it strange and uncomfortable how for the simple fact that to keep these in your ears with a stabilized hold, you would have to push these almost all the way inside your ear, which is something that bothers me and may do as such with many others that have used these or may decide to do so in the near future.

I actually read reviews on these before purchasing a pair, and of course, I was convinced that Skullcandy is the "next big thing" in such fields of technology. Nope; was I ever wrong. The only thing that's "good" out of these is the design - but does that really matter? I mean yeah, it's nice and all to have cool looking earphones/headphones but in a more common sense-like philosophy, that's as long as they're actually worth the risk of hearing loss at one point or another (not trying to condone the issue or anything).

Anyhoo, if you're looking for some new earphones and the ones you've just had happened to die on you, avoid these at all costs. Shoot for earphones from that of a well-trusted name brand (such as Sony). And if you really think about it - having earphones immediately against your eardrum is pretty much suicidal, that is if you're wanting to keep your hearing for as long as you live. Skullcandy, what is wrong with you?