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Inexpensive Hdmi Cables

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HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) cables are the preferred way to connect your HD devices to televisions. They are the only way to get a 1080P signal to your TV from a device like a blu-ray disc player or an HD satellite receiver. We we moved and purchased new TV's, playstation 3's and transferred our Direc TV over to Comcast, we needed a bunch of these cables to connect everything.

My husband did some research on these cables and found out that these are a high profit item for most stores that sell TV's and equipment and some stores mark them up to outrageous prices. He found that most of the time you should only be worried about the quality of the cable if you are going to be using it for distances over 20 feet. In our situation, this was not an issue since all of our devices are close to the TV's they are connected to. Since we needed several of them, he shopped around to see who had them for the best price.

What he found was that Fry's carries the 10 foot Shaxon Industries HDMI A Type male to male cable for the everyday price of $7.99. They also runs sales on these cables from time to time and we were able to purchase ours on sale for only $1.90. The cables do meet the current standard of HDMI V. 1.3b which not only supports 1080P but also is compatable with all previous standards as well. The cables work perfectly and they did not cost us an arm and a leg.

Update On Feb 27, 2010: These were on sale again a few weeks ago and we picked up a few more of these HDMI cables to have on hand just in case we bought a new piece of equiptment or had to move something.