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Infamy Is Shocking

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Bryan Aungst By Bryan Aungst on
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Infamous was in the summer of 2009 on the ps3 platform. The game at first glance is a typical super hero game. The greatness of this game however, is that the hero involved, a man who goes by the name of Cole, is not a a trademark of Marvel or DC, which means that the character could be freely developed by Sucker Punch with no limitations on what they wanted him to be.

The main premise of the game puts you in the middle of a ruined city after some sort of exlosion has happened. Our hero Cole awakens in the middle of the blast zone, with no recollection as to why he is there. He soon finds that the blast has given him powers. Specifically, the power to control electricity. The length of the game takes Cole through the process of finding out what happened and why he was involved, all the while developing and unlocking new electricity based powers. Plent of side missions and street gang violence provide ample chances to earn experience to better develop Cole's powers. The city is very extensive, and free roaming, which means you can go anywhere.

Two of the coolest features of this game are Cole's ability to scale giant buildings and fall from tremendous heights (much like in Assasain's Creed) and the Karma scale. Literally every mission provides a chance for Cole to make a good or evil action, one that benefits others or himself. His powers grow and change according to the balance of the Karma scale. He can either be a Hero, and worshipped by the denziens of the city, or he can be Infamous, and feared by all.

The question then, is what kind of hero will you be?