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Infant's Mylicon Gas Drops

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Since birth my daughter has had horrible gas problems. Mylicon gas drops were suggested to me early on. First of all I found that they had a non-staining kind and a kind that comes in pink. It is a lot better to get the non-staining because the other kind does seem to get on clothes and doesn't easily come off.

I have not tasted the drops myself but I am always interested in what something taste like when giving it to my baby. To me these drops smell like bubble gum. It took her a while to get used to taking them but after a while she didn't seem to mind the taste at all.

It is always a little hard to tell how effective medications really are when it comes to babies. I do think these have helped my baby with gas some. It definitely does not cure it completely however. But now she is at least able to sleep some and not cry in pain all the time.

Someone also suggested puting a few drops in a bottle to get rid of the bubbles. Again, I'm not sure how well this works but we do it. Overall I do really like this product. It always comes with a dropper so that is nice to have. I also love that it is from a company that has always been trustworthy and great with baby products.

There are some downsides to it however. It comes in a very small bottle and a very large price for what you are getting. If you always gave the recommended dose every day you would need a new bottle about every day. Since we can not afford that, we give our daughter around 4 doses a day as recommended by her pediatrician. I definitely think that the price is too much and it might be so high because so many parents depend on it for their baby.

If gas seems to be a problem with your baby I would give this product a try. Then later on I would keep my eyes open for any other store brand that might be a little cheaper.