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Inflammation Relief

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I originally learned about Fenugreek when I felt I was coming down with bronchitis last February. Upon taking my mother-in-law around town, we decided to stop into our local health food store and inquire about anything they could recommend. The manager suggested Fenugreek, which comes in two forms - one bottle has a cranberry colored cap and is more expensive than the green colored cap. She explained that Fenugreek is good for reducing inflammation in the lungs, which is connected to bronchitis.

To explain the differences in the bottles: The cranberry colored bottle cap actually has a more potent combination of Fenugreek seeds and a Fenugreek seed extractof of 350mg. The cheaper version (the green lid) is just the Fenugreek seed of 620mg. At first, I was confused, because you would think the 620mg bottle (green cap) would be better, plus it normally retails for around $5-$9, compared to the other bottle that's $11.60-$15.99. I was all for buying the cheaper version until she pointed out the Fenugreek extract and the benefits of buying the one with the cranberry (red) lid.

So I purchase this more expensive version and took 2 capsules and we went about our day. About 4 hours later, I noticed that my swollen ankles had actually gone down tremendously. That was something I was expecting to see. I then decided to look up Fenugreek and saw it's a spice that is in cumin spice and used often in Indian restaurants. The fragrance of Fenugreek is very similar to Cumin. This herb is also recommended for nursing mothers and people with arthritis. It made sense, considering the manager had told me how it was used for inflammation and we get inflammation in all sorts of our bodies. I can't begin to tell you how excited I was about my ankles not being a swollen as they had been for years, since my car accident. Now, it took several days for my chest to feel better, but each day did get better and my congestion was not as bad, nor did the bronchitis set in. For anyone who has not had bronchitis, your chest feels as if it's cold inside and you are so congested, it's hard to breathe and cough anything out.The following day, we went back to our health food store and my mother-in-law bought some for her arthritis. The following day when she woke up, she was so happy because she didn't have to exercise her hands and could close her hands easily. Needless to say, we were both so happy that we stopped in there and have continued to take Fenugreek all year. I do have to admit that I skip days taking it and when I do, the swelling in my ankles returns, but when I take the 2 capsules, the swelling will subside and my ankles will be closely back to normal within two days.

Being a Graphic Artist and Web Designer, I sit at my computer all day and if I don't get up and move around, the swelling in my ankles will become worse, which is why it's so important that we take frequent breaks from our computers. That's hard to do in today's technological age, but we have to. But for those days I get so busy and also forget to take my capsules, I will go take them and my swelling is controlled.

Here is the ingredient information on the Fenugreek I take:

Total Carbohydrate
Dietary Fiber 1gm

Fenugreek (Trigonella Foenum-Graecum)(Seed Extract)(85% Total Dietary Fiber, 65% Galactomannon, Soluble Fiber) 7mg

Fenugreek Seed (Trigonella Foenum-Graecum) 400mg

Other Ingredients:

Gelatin capsule, cellulose, silica and magnesium stearate.

2 capsules / 45 servings (total of 90 capsules)

As a disclaimer, I'd like to say that I am not a physician, or a dietician, nor do I claim to know or give medical advise. But Fenugreek has worked for me in both chest inflammation and in my ankles swelling. It has also relieved my mother-in-law's arthritis in her hands and fingers. Since this is NOT a drug and NOT addictive, there should be no side effects. I also did not rate this product as a 5 and my knowledge as a 5, only because I don't want to be claiming to be an expert.

Another note: After I had my car accident and my ankles started to swell, I had Orthopedic treatment, Chiropractic treatments, X-rays, etc. There was no medical or physical reason why this was happening to my ankles and I was left to just deal with it. I can only tell you of my pleasant experiences with Fenugreek and hope that it will help someone else out there. You can find Fenugreek in most any health food store or online. Most stores will only carry the cheaper version, which I have never tried. But any good health food store will order the Fenugreek with Extract for you (red lid), as they did for me, when I found it $4 cheaper at a different health food store.

I find it amazing how I originally bought something for congestion and it ended up being my daily supplement and helping my ankles. I'm just happy that I can wear flip flops again and not always sneakers.