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Ink Tec Printer Cartrige Refill Kit

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By kman63 on
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When your inkjet cartrige runs out of ink, buying a new one can be rather costly. An entire new cartrige costs around 30 dollars, while this refill kit will provide me with multiple refills for half the cost. While refilling a cartrige can be time consuming and quite messy, it is worth the money you will save. The great thing about these kits is that the exact same type will refill cartriges from many different brands of printers. Inside the kit is a detailed instruction booklet, explaining exactly how to refill each different type of cartrige. Also included are vials of liquid ink, a cleaner solution, a hand drill (for drilling a hole to inject ink into the cartrige) and stick on tabs to cover the hole after refilling.

Once I refilled my cartrige and reinstalled it, it began working like new almost right away (you may need to print something with a lot of said color ink on it a few times to get the new ink flowing). I have noticed that you cannot refill the the same cartrige an endless amount of times, as the contacts on the bottom will wear out after about 4 or 5 refills. However, it is still economical because the life of a cartrige is greatly extended, and you can't beat the cost of a refill kit compared to a new cartrige.