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Insta Set Alarm Clock

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Rae Hall By Rae Hall on
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Clock- When my alarm clock, which I had for many years, failed to go off twice in one week I realized it was time to get a new one. So while searching for what I wanted at a reasonable price I found the Insta-Set alarm clock by Equity Time.

The Insta-Set alarm clock features the ability to set itself anytime you plug it into an electrical outlet. If the electricity goes off and then comes back on it will reset itself to the correct time. This clock can set itself to any of four time zones with the flick of a switch. It works for EST, CST, MST and PST time zones. You can see the date on this clock also. The numbers on the clock are almost a inch high and are in a blue LCD display so they show up nicely at night.

The alarm is a beeping sound that starts out soft and gets louder and faster the longer it beeps. The snooze alarm can be pushed for 10 extra minutes of sleep and you can do that up to four times.

The Insta-Set alarm clock has a battery (9 volt) backup in case the electricity goes off. This allows the alarm to go off in case of a power failure. In case of an electricity outage the battery will hold the alarm settings for 12 hours.

This alarm clock also recognizes daylight savings time automatically or can be set not to recognize daylight savings time.

This is a great alarm clock and reasonably priced. I love that I do not have to set it if the electricity goes off or it gets unplugged. It does, however, have a small cell battery that you are advised to change every 3 years.