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Install Symantec Anti Virus On Your Pc And Relax

Reviewing: Symantec Norton Anti Virus (Edition 10.1)  |  Rating:
By akhil on
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When I bought a laptop a year ago, I didn't know that I had to install anti-virus to protect my computer. Because of this my system used to get affected by virus more often which is once in a month or so. Three months back, on my friend's advice I bought Symantec anti-virus and installed it in my laptop and I can safely say that my laptop is safe now. I didn't face a single problem with my system after I installed it. It is protecting my computer perfectly without me fearing about any virus or threats. The best thing about this anti-virus is that with just an option of 'enable auto protect', it protects the computer from virus and we don't need to scan the computer for virus often. It auto protects the computer and checks every page and every file we view on internet and gives the warning if there is any virus on the page and if there is any threat to computer. It gives a detailed report of the threat if any virus is found and it removes it automatically. This helps a lot as removing the virus after getting the system affected is not a better thing to do as we will lose some files from the system which affects the performance of the system. Since it warns about the virus it is easy to avoid the computer getting affected. As told in the old saying 'prevention is better than cure', it is better to prevent the system get affected than to take action to remove it after affected. I can say that my computer is being protected every second by this anti-virus and this makes me give a sigh of relief. We can scan the computer now and then though there won't be serious threats to computer. With the options of quick scan and full system scan we can scan the system accordingly. It scans the computer very fast and does it effectively. Even the full scan takes very little time which is Other most important thing is that it doesn't slow down the performance of the computer while doing scanning which (I heard) is a problem with other anti-virus packages. Though it is bit expensive, it is worth the money.