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Instant Collection!

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If you are looking to start Magic the Gathering without spending a truckload of cash, this is the deal for you. The set includes a random assortment of mostly commons and a few uncommons from The Dark onwards. The package includes one thousand played cards and one hundred of these are lands. all of this is just $9.99. This boils down to a card being worth just a penny each! Talk about cheap!

While you won't be expecting min or gem mint pristine cards here, you'll be getting plenty of value. With a thousand cards in there, i am very certain you will find some hidden gems there, Gems meaning useful cards that are useful for casual play. I broke open one of these things to try and I listed the notables that I got.


Exoskeletal Armor

Spectral Bears

Air Elemental

Hail Storm

Abu Ja'Far

Earth Elemental

-Notable Commons

Stone Rain

Azorius Chancery

Dimir signet

Giant Growth

Sonic Burst




Overall this was a sweet deal. While i may not have gotten stuff like Lightning Bolts and Incinerates, I was happy with the package. It was pretty cheap after all. This is ideal for people who player Pauper. Pauper is an all commons format where people just use common cards.