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Instant Lasting Relief For Arthritis Pain

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strawberryshortcake By strawberryshortcake on
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I have very bad arthritis in my knees, i have had it since i was seven years old, yes seven years old! I am now 28, and the arthritis has spread from my knees to my hips, ankles, back, elbows, and shoulders! It can be pretty darn painful, and always hits the hardest when it is cold ort rainy out. I dont really like taking tylenol or asprin for the pain all the time, it doesnt work on the pain very well, nor does it have a lasting effect, besides i have to take 3 pills at a time before feeling a bit of the pain dwindle off, but that doesnt last look all to soon the pain is back in my joints full blown again!!

When i was a child my mom used to have pretty bad arthritis aswell and she always use this blue gel that smelled kinda like Vicks, it was so effective for her arthritis that she still continues to use it today, infact she swears by this stuff!! So one day i was telling her about my awful arthritis in my knees, and how i cannot make it up my stairs alot of the time, when the pain hits my knees become very weak and give out. So my mom got out her old trusty smelly blue gel i had forgotten about until she brought it out and applied it to my knees, and now i swear by it!! Why? Well let me tell you why, this stuff works INSTANTLY!! Yes i said inastantly!! As soon as you apply it to any kind of pain you will have serious relief, works faster than tylenol no waiting for it to kick in, and the pain relief lasts all night, i never have to reapply!!

This is a cooling gel with a light not uncomfortable tingle sensation, it is effective for arthritis pain, muscle pain, backache, strains and sprains, and sports injuries. The gel is blue, comes in a 8oz tub, gel is not at all sticky or greasy and soaks in very well, so you can get dressed right away, although this stuff is best applied at night before bed, or if you wont be leaving the house because its only downfall is the smell!! It smell like Vicks vaporub, very menthol-minty.

You can buy this stuff from almost any pharmacy, or store like Zellers, WalMart, or you can check out their website www.percara.com, it is made in Canada, and i have found them at Dollarama for $1.00!!