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I purchased this for my husband not because I thought he would like it, more so because I knew I would LOVE it.

As I have stated in previous reviews elsewhere, my hubby is a Paco Rabanne and Patchouli kind of guy and I am the fragrance lover.

After being married for over 15 years, I thought it was time to introduce him to some changes. He is hesitant but thankful and willing to please, luckily for me.

I was introduced to this fragrance as I was window shopping through a local department store and was drawn to it, not merely by the over-zealous sales clerk reminding me fervently that Valentines Day was approaching and there "just MUST be a man in YOUR life!..", but also by the rather attractive packaging.

The bottle was sleek and reminded me of those old pictures that when you look at them, your eyes get out of focus - I know, it's these odd ideas that attract me! I was completely unwilling to purchase another cologne for my husband who is still struggling through the delightful La Perla fragrance in our vanity, but the crazed look in this girls' eyes and the manic smile emblazoned across her face made me fearful to NOT stop and at least smell this creation she was waving as though it were burning her hands.


Where had this been all our lives? This is a scent I would have created myself had I only the knowledge of how to do so. ALL, or at least MANY, of my favorite scents combined and it DIDN'T smell like a cheap brothel! This was the perfect combination of aromas: Iris, Amber, Vanilla made less floral with the distinct tone of Cardamom and Cedar! It was perfect!


No, well, not then. I took a 'free sample' - I'm Scottish and frugal okay? - only because the price was unaffordable to a window shopper at $63.99 and Valentines Day is a Hallmark holiday, right? I thought that at this price, I should test drive it on my hubby first and then decide if he was deserving of such an expensive treat!


Well, I took it home and did the obvious ? I rubbed a little on myself! It was met with rave reviews from my husband who thought that it was a little ?heavy? for me (meaning masculine) but that he may like to wear it himself ? he had NEVER offered to wear expensive cologne - he's always just forced to. After scraping me off the kitchen floor, he looked at the sample bottle and realized that I had tricked him, but all was well, we both liked this VERY much. I returned and purchased a bottle for Valentines Day! He is quite happy!


This passes the "man test" in that it is a very masculine and sensual scent. It is not overpowering and smells the same at 8pm as it does at 8am. It has a name that is difficult to pronounce so that gives the male an excuse to ignore the question, "What are you wearing?" and answer, honestly: "I don't know". No lies there! Think about it, what man wants to admit to wearing "Pepe Le Fru por Homme"?


Besides the tones I have listed previously, there are one or two that I was unfamiliar with and I thought I would take the time to make this review as informative (and educational) as possible by researching a couple online. Here are my findings:

Cardamom - this is frequently used in fragrances and I love it, but I don?t know much about it: Apparently, this is in the ginger family and is commonly used in cooking and medicine (so you can feel well while you wear it). Its plant is also a food source for Moth larva (not so nice?.)

Lemon - I'll give you enough credit to know what a lemon is.

Vetiver: This is a grass native to India and the root is used for its scent. This is supposed to give a fresh, cool scent. Also used in medicine, so this cologne will make you very healthy!

Tonka Bean: I always though Tonka made toy trucks, I was wrong again, the Tonka Bean emits a scent similar to vanilla, cloves almonds and cinnamon. According to my research (thanks Wikipedia!), this bean can be quite deadly if absorbed in large doses - perhaps that is why there are so many medicinal ingredients in this cologne! Although banned for use in food in the US, it was once used as an additive with tobacco in cigarettes!

Musk: I love "musky" smells and was rather horrified to read that it comes from the gland of the Musk Deer - somewhere between the stomach and the genitals! I ceased reading at that point!


If you haven't already guessed, and if you have been patient enough to read to this point, I would highly recommend this cologne. Cologne, as with Perfume, is a personal choice of taste and everything smells differently on each individual, but I can't imagine this smelling poorly on anyone. My personal opinion is that I like this - I like this a lot.

My thanks to the crazy lady in the department store for introducing me - I wonder if they ever hid the coffee maker from her?

Update On Jun 28, 2009: For those of you who want to enoy this at a smaller price, the scent is available in other mediums: Deodorant sticks, body splashes etc., Smell great on a budget :-))