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Interesting Plot, Not Well Played Out

Reviewing: Aihara Miki Hot Gimmick  |  Rating:
Jennifer Tang By Jennifer Tang on
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Ok, starting off, I am a big manga fanatic. I know my stuff when it comes to shoujo. So when I read this manga (I even reread it a year or so after to get a better grasp on the plot) I was quite disappointed.

The plot was simple. Hatsumi tries to help out her sister by buying her a pregnancy test, but is caught by Ryouki, the son of the head of the company everyone in her apartment complex works for. To save her family from shame, she must do what Ryouki wants. If only what he wanted was to use her for practice!

I thought the plot would be funny so I read it, but unfortunately, it's full of drama and many twisted love triangles The male lead Ryouki is horrible to Hatsumi, but she falls in love with him anyway. The manga shows all the cliches of any girly romance novel like the girl falls for the jerk, forgives him even though he treats her like crap, and the girl is completely useless in real life situations. I can handle the stupidity of the girl, but to bear how the story ends up after so many long, tedious volumes is too much.

The art was great. The story had some little small plots between other characters, which were fun to read, and parts of the main plot were pretty solid, but it also resolved itself pretty easily. So before going to the store and buying it, put a lot of thought into it.