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Interesting Take On Chic Lit

Reviewing: Undead And Unwed Mary Janice Davidson  |  Rating:
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This is the first example of gothic/chic lit that I have ever seen. It follows the story of Betsy, who is turned into a vampire against her wishes after being hit by a car. The reader learns how she adjusts, or attempts to adjust, to her new life while trying to maintain her relationship with her still living best friend and parents and deal with her shoe obsession now that she can no longer work at her job.

Things go haywire when she finds herself as the love interest of the 300-year-old vampire Sinclair, and she learns that she must overthrow the head vampire and become the new queen. It's a lot to deal with in two weeks' time.

This book is strange, but it is hard to put down. I liked how it was different from regular chic lit but it didn't delve too far into gothic lit either. My favorite parts are where Betsy is annoyed by her new existence as a vampire and complains about silly things that would not be the first priorty for most of us. It's enjoyable reading about the reactions of the other vampires who, also under duress, have to put up with their new reluctant fashionista queen.

My sister lent me this book, as well as a couple more in the series. She's not a big fan of vampire lit either, but she really enjoys these books.