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Interior Carpenters Wood Glue

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By margie8228 on
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Elmers glue has been used in school for a long time because it cleans easy and it sticks really well. This Carpenters Wood glue is worth it, it sticks well, it's non-toctic, and it's washable if you accidentally get it on something you don't want it on. There are two different Wood glues one for the interior and one for exterior. Both of them are non-toxic with no harmful fumes when you use it. This glue dries fast and holds really strong. Elmers is a good brand to go with when doing any project you are doing, whether it's a doll house, fixing a cabnet, or furniture. When it dries you can sand over it or paint over it and it wont come off. This interior Wood Glue works best on surfaces that are clean without any oil or dust. When applying this glue you must hold it for about 30 minutes and it is best to let it dry over night. The longer you let it dry before you paint or sand over it it will be stronger. When cleaning this glue off things, you probably should not wait for it to fry before cleaning it off, and you should use a warm towl.