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Intermatic Magnetic Trip Wireless Alarm

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After recently having our home burglarized, my husband and I decided that we should really think about a security system. I was a bit leery about a paid-type security service since we use one where I work, and inadvertently set it off at least once a week. By the time the security people call us to make sure we're not being robbed, or worse, murdered, the burglar(s) could have cleaned the place out and buried our bodies!! And the police NEVER come! So this factored into our decision as to what we wanted to do to deter a would-be burglar. After much searching online, I found a business that sold mini-window alarms. It's a two piece unit that works with magnetic strips, that when separated emit an ear piercing noise. This is what I decided to purchase. My theory is that if some slime-ball was trying to break into my home by sliding open any of my windows, (which is how my burglar entered), or opening my doors, the screeching sound alone will stop him from going further. I know there are other units that do this AND can be set up to auto-dial 911 (or other number), but in our area you most certainly will be put on hold while waiting to talk to a real person. By this time my preset recorded message would have talked itself out.

I received the mini-alarms yesterday and put all 7 of them up this afternoon. Easy! The only thing I think is 'cheesy' about the way you mount the unit is that it uses double-sided sticky strips. I thought the the tape (included) looked a little wimpy so I bought some stronger stuff at my local hardware. This helps ensure that each part of the unit stays in place so it can function properly. Then it was only a matter of figuring out the placement of the unit, and you're done! The unit uses 3 button-type batteries which come included.

I tested each window and door after I mounted the alarms, and they all work very well. The sound level they emit is 90 decibels, so it's a good idea to wear some ear plugs during the testing. One of the reasons I like these mini-alarms is that they have an easy on-and-off switch. No complicated buttons to set up.

If you're looking for an inexpensive deterrent to stop intruders I really believe these little alarm units will do it. Also, if you're worried about Alzheimer patients and small children getting out this could aid in warning you. I hope I never have to find out if these mini-alarms truly work, but I feel a little more at ease knowing that I have them.