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Internet Download Manager: Pure Brilliance

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Quite possibly the greatest download tool there was, there is and will ever be.

That, of course, is my own opinion, but after coping and experiencing a seemingly endless lists of "technical difficulties" courtesy of such downloader programs as Free Download Manager, Download Accelarator Plus, Orbit Downloader and none other than supposably the most popular, FlashGet. To sum the whole experience up, the whole "trial and error" stage took me a long struggle of 11 months to finally complete. Flawed program after flawed program, and voila, there comes the one that I've been looking for all along, and that's none other than Tonec Incorporated's Internet Download Manager (IDM).

Why not just use the downloader function that your browser brings you may ask? Well, support for broken downloads are non-existent when it comes to stand-alone browsers, and luckily, IDM's there to resolve that highly annoying issue (most of the time, resuming broken downloads are the case with most sites; however, do keep in mind that there are just those sites that as much as you try, you just won't be able to get that download back up again from where you've left it off.) You know those YouTube videos that you just WISH you could see again any time you feel like? Say goodbye to the belief that YouTube puts the casual Internet user to, of course, believe: "Can't see the download button? Tough luck - that's because you just can't download our videos". Exactly what relevance does YouTube serve to IDM? Fortunately enough, with the program in tact, you're able to download any video from YouTube. And I mean ANY.

As a matter of fact, you can download any streaming video (flash, or more commonly, FLV) from any website that displays them, such as YouTube (of course, as aforementioned), Daily Motion, MySpaceTV, Google Video, and so forth. How great is that, that you're able to see the video at any given time you wish? Simply download it, and you're good to go. Now, there are of course other services out there that allow you to download flash videos, but as far as my own experience is concerned, there's absolutely nothing that comes close. Fast download speeds, filenames being preserved - I mean, what more could you ask for? The program itself is widely compatible with many available browsers out there for integration purposes, including Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla Firefox and Opera, just to name a few.

I, myself, have mainly been using this award-winning and deserving program to download many YouTube vids, just for the purpose of keeping myself busy when spare time is the case and if it just so happens that there's an abrupt internet disconnection in the household. Common thing, and running across this on Google was one of the best things that I've encountered on the Internet throughout the years, bar none. Should you be looking for something that will catch any single download that you'll attempt within your browser, then I would highly recommend one thing: give it a try (it comes with a 30-day trial), and see for yourself.

You be the judge, and you'll soon notice that it's worth every single penny. And the good thing about it is that, unlike many rushed, mediocre, badly written programs out there, it's actually quite a bargain as for one, it's far from being overpriced. Furthermore, it's capable of handling anything HTTP/FTP/MMS related, so no worries there as far as "getting that download completed" goes.

So basically, if you're quite tired of having to go back and forth on installing one particular program, followed by having to uninstall it (which will all call for a complete waste of time), then IDM's the way to go. But of course, you won't fully understand until you 'experience' it for yourself how unbelivably fast this brilliant piece of software is, in terms of RAM (how it performs on your computer, speed-wise) and the most essential, downloading.

To say that this is all worth it would be an understatement, if you ask me!