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Intertape Clear Packing Tape Is The Worst Ever!

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demon_buttercup By demon_buttercup on
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I use a lot of clear shipping tape - at least a roll a week. One day I realized I used my last roll and did not have any back ups, so off to Target for an emergency tape run it was. I found I had 2 choices - Scotch tape for 2.99 a roll or the Intertape 4 pack for 4.99. Since I'm always about bottom line and it was still more per roll than I normally pay, I went with the Intertape brand.

Oh, how I wish I just would have spent the 2.99 for tape of good quality! The Intertape tape is thin - very thin - which is good as it is lighweight on my packages, but not so great to dispense. It kept peeling apart and splitting. Often times it would just stick to the cutting edge of the dispenser and make a crinkled mess. I also found it impossible to pull out a piece longer than a few inches as the tape would seem to magically fold onto itself if I did.

This is a lesson I have been given many times, cheaper is not always better. One of these days I will learn, but until then, I can at least warn others to stay away from the Intertape Packing tape!!