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Intervention By Robin Cook I Really Enjoyed This Book!

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Robin Cook is one of my favorite authors, so I was greatly anticipating reading this book, Intervention. I expected a gripping story, as his earlier books, and I was not disappointed.

Intervention is another of the Jack and Laurie Stapleton books. In this story they now have a 4 mos. old son, JJ, who is very sick with cancer.

It begins with Jack doing an autopsy on a woman who seems to have died by previously being under chiropractic care. Thus begins a crusade by Jack against alternative medicine.

Just as you think you know the direction the story is taking, it begins to take some surprising twists, and changes direction entirely. I really don't want to spoil it for you from here, but I will say it involves religious conspiracy, intrigue, friendship, murder, and healing... possibly divine healing. Rest assured, it will keep you turning the pages to see it to the end.

The book ends with an unanswered question which leaves you to decide the truth of the last event. It gives you something to think about, as well.

If you have had positive experiences with alternative medicine, he does bash it pretty heavily. The attitude presented is that anyone who believes it or uses it is an uneducated idiot. The issues surrounding the circumstances looked into are real, but left out are the issues surrounding traditional medical care. He also tends to be a bit negative about the Catholic Church. Again, the issues brought up are real and the questions raised are good ones for someone seeking truth.

Although you may have an issue with the ideas presented on these issues, the book will still get ahold of you and keep you in it till the end. Intervention is, truly, another masterpiece by this author.