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Introducing Ora Care Toothpaste

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Colgate is my long time brand of toothpaste. But when I’m at the grocery yesterday, I noticed this new brand of toothpaste on shelf. I know OraCare because of their tv commercial so I decided to grab a pack of toothpaste for a try. I like the packaging, the OraCare logo looks appealing to me. Looking at the package content, this toothpaste is boasting its 7 in 1 action against teeth and gum problem because of Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide content. Based on the label, OraCare toothpaste deep cleans teeth to prevent plaque. It leaves teeth smooth feeling after brushing, wipes out bacteria that can cause tartar, it also prevents gingivitis, prevents sensitive teeth and keeps the mouth for longer clean and fresh feeling. This toothpaste also has Aloe Vera extract that soothes and moisturizes the gums.

I was excited to try this new product. I immediately tried it when I got home. Brushing my teeth with OraCare toothpaste makes me noticed the smooth feeling of my teeth after brushing because of its Aloe Vera content. The mint flavor was not that strong yet the freshness stays longer. I hope there would be more variants to choose from.

OraCare is a product of Pascual Laboratories, for more info; check out the website, www.pascuallab.com